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Earth then

at nightfall now.
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7 years after a major nuclear conflict*

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The Better Angels of Our Nature

At Lincoln's first speech as the president of the United States, he once suggested to us that...  every man would first do best to allow the better angels of his own nature to touch the mystic chords within his heart, and then to allow this inner harmony to be heard as it resonated and swelled within him. 

Lincoln offered this sage advice to a people that he knew that he was about lead into an odyssey of such great carnage that none could then dare to even imagine the extent of the devastation that they were about to inflict upon one another.

Today we do know of the great and terrible carnage and destruction that would be unleashed with the insane release of nuclear destruction upon any hapless city or nation.  Whether or not mankind will ever again embark upon such an insane exercise, has yet to be known.  After any such tragic destruction, whether or not Lincoln's mystic cords of the unity of all mankind, would ever again be able to resonate in harmony amongst men, also remains to be seen.

So what might we do? To stop the random acts of `nature, we can do little or nothing, but to bring the fabric of brotherhood within which each of our lives is woven, to shine more brightly in the light of "our better angels" we can still do much. We do have the power within us to appeal always to the better angels of our own nature, and so, to the better angels of each of our human brother's nature as well. It is for these reasons that we present here, regarding these better angels, and their more "eternal aims", a poem by the renowned international poetess, Akiane Kramarik:

In Coals

Time greets me like a worker
and lets me exist.
As I float above atomic bombs
explosions look like mushroom galaxies.
Questions in ashes—
Borders dissolve like iceberg paralysis.
Who can sign a peace treaty
when races are in coals?
Which blessed nation
has eternal goals?

The International Society for the Prevention of Nuclear War asks these hard but essential questions.  We feel that these questions need to be both asked and answered, and soon.  If you might ask some of these same questions too, please read on...


Who By Fire?

A video-story
Written by: Kathleen McCann
Narrated by: Dave   
First presented in: Melbourne, Australia
First presented on: Nuclear Abolition Day 2010

A retelling of the story of Prometheus' and Pandora's box as depicted in a mural titled 'The Legend of Fire' by artist Harold Freedman. A modern interpretation of the ancient myth, in which the gift of fire to man by Prometheus' is likened to mankind's recent discovery of nuclear power. Just as the ancient gift of fire to man was accompanied by the legion of woes contained in Pandora's box, will man's newly discovered ability to harness the atom be accompanied by a new trail of woes such as a nuclear holocaust?

* Post-nuclear image rendered by climate simulation software.

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